Dieting Does Not Work for Long Term Weight Management

When it comes to weight loss, everyone talks about calories in vs calories out, eat less move more etc

If this worked, why are there different diets coming out every week?

And each of them has its specific nutrient or food that it villianises - cut out carbs, cut out fat, cut out sugar, eat high protein.....the list goes on

If weight loss diets worked there would be ONE or maybe two of them and everyone would have used it or them and lost weight!

We have LOTS of research now proving that dieting does not work long term in 97% of cases - that's right 97% of cases. You may lose weight initially, but most people end up gaining it all back, and often extra as well. That is a shockingly high failure rate!

So why is it that people keep relying on dieting?

Because they don't have an alternative.

Well that is what I will show you.

A realistic, manageable, sensible alternative approach to long term weight management. One that really works!

And it doesn't involve any fancy gimmicks or require you to purchase any lotions, potions, special powders or supplements! 


Lets face it, losing weight is not easy - if it was, everyone would already be thin!

Most of my clients don't suffer from a knowledge shortage, they struggle with the 'how'

This is the space I most love to work in 

I can also help with accountability, inspiration and motivation :)


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